I create and specialize in one-of-a-kind art jewelry. Each piece is unique and meticulously executed using the highest quality materials. Precious metal medallions comprise the body and designs and hand-selected semi-precious stones are prevalent in my work. 

  Sometimes I feel like an archaeologist digging for ancient ruins. Extensive travel abroad has allowed me to search for antiques and artifacts to cast and use in my designs. Miniature antiquities, such as pieces of Roman bronze dating from 100 AD or Greek coins from 350 BC are transformed into modern–day designs with contemporary settings. Most of the pieces are created with gemstone embellishments that lend them an up-to-the-minute edge.

 This year I’ve been working with ancient coins (from Rome, Greece, and the Byzantine Empire) – creating one-of-a-kind pieces with these enchanting images. I also use images of Greek and Roman mythological characters that I cast from Roman Glass intaglios.   “When I wear a necklace or bracelet that was inspired by these antiquities, it connects something within me. I enjoy creating these wearable works of art, “reincarnating” pieces of the past and giving people a chance to enjoy them in a new way.”

     The artist hand casts the medallions using silver metal clay: they are then plated with 22K gold. All chains and findings are gold vermeil and sterling silver.